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If you have been named executor or administrator of an estate, you have been left with considerable responsibilities to the beneficiaries, to the law, and to the memory of the loved one who has passed away. More often than not, legal counsel is needed during this difficult time to navigate these responsibilities, fulfill them, and avoid any foreseeable complications.

At the Law Offices of Dan Chern, P.C., our firm understands that executors and administrators are usually not familiar with the probate process. We take a sensitive and comprehensive approach to our probate clients, not only recognizing their burdens as executor but also that they have just experienced a personal loss. Our Dallas estate planning lawyer is ready to be your ally during this process and ensures that you securely meet each one of your probate responsibilities.

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The Responsibilities of Probate Administration

After someone passes away, it is the duty of the estate executor or administrator to facilitate the resolution of the estate on behalf of the deceased. Executors are named by the deceased before they pass away (usually in a will) and administrators are named by probate court when no executor of the estate has been named.

Probate administration responsibilities include:

  • Satisfying any outstanding tax obligations
  • Handling creditor requests and debts
  • Creating and inventory of the estate
  • Bestowing inheritances to any beneficiaries
  • Closing all of the deceased's financial accounts
  • Preparing any remaining property/assets for sale or distribution
  • Track any/all expenses related to the resolution of the estate

Dallas Estate Planning Attorney

While these responsibilities are expected to be addressed in a timely manner, the probate process can be long—even lasting months. There are often unexpected complications and many details to keep track of. Having a dedicated attorney by your side can assist you in the management of these probate factors and ensure that the process is completed as quickly and assuredly as possible.

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