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It's necessary for some families to have caretakers who are legally responsible for other adult family members. This can be due to medical or mental or mental health conditions, but whatever the cause, there is always a risk that the needs of the disabled adult may go unaddressed due to the unexpected passing of the caretaker. In these cases, it may be prudent for the caretakers to establish a guardianship of the family members they take care of. This is also true of any families who have similar concerns for any of their minor children or incapacitated elderly loved ones.

At the Law Offices of Dan Chern, P.C., we understand the concerns of caretakers in need of establishing a guardianship for their loved ones. Just like any other estate planning document, this documentation must be crafted with careful, thorough language and eliminate any possibility of ambiguity. Our trusted Dallas estate planning attorney can help ensure that your guardianship speaks comprehensively to the long-term needs of your loved one and provides you peace of mind.

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What goes into a guardianship?

A guardianship must outline all potential immediate and long-term needs of the disabled loved one in the event of a caretaker's passing. Often, families believe that when this kind of caretaker death occurs, responsibilities will simply be distributed to the other family members. This often leads to legal complications and family conflicts, however, and the best way to ensure the ongoing well-being of disabled family member is to establish a viable guardianship.

A guardianship must include:

  • Financial considerations
  • Residential arrangements
  • Medical information and contingencies
  • Any educational decisions
  • All other pertinent legal considerations

Just like choosing the trustee of a trust or the executor of an estate, guardianships require the naming of a guardian—or guardians. Guardianships allow responsibilities to split among more than one individual named in the document, allowing for some flexibility.

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