Breach of Fiduciary Duty Cases in Dallas

Representing Your Breach of Fiduciary Duty Interests

A fiduciary is a role taken by an individual or an organization to properly manage the investment of another party's assets (usually a group of people's assets). This is basically a trustee position that is subject to many sensitive responsibilities and laws. When these responsibilities are breached, the investment and reputation of the investors can be compromised and legal action is often required to hold the proper parties accountable.

Whether you are an organization looking to hold a fiduciary responsible for a breach of duty or you or your organization has been accused of breach of duty, the Law Offices of Dan Chern, P.C. can assist you. Attorney Chern has been protecting the rights and managing the risks of businesses for more than two decades. Our firm understands the gravity of a breach of fiduciary duty accusation and is well-versed in resolving these matters as swiftly and favorably as possible on behalf of his clients.

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How is fiduciary duty breached?

Paramount to any fiduciary/client relationship is trust. Beyond any financial expertise or industry knowledge a fiduciary has, their first duty is to their client. This trust is represented (and can be breached) in two distinct ways.

Breach of fiduciary duty usually involves a breach of:

  • Duty of care. Duty of care is the fiduciary responsibility to provide the very best counsel and service they can. This includes keeping clients abreast of all information pertinent to their investment, providing a comprehensive scope of different options and presenting unbiased advice.
  • Duty of loyalty. Duty of loyalty is the fiduciary responsibility to take on no other clients, duties, or interests that would conflict with the well-being of the client's investment. Most commonly, fiduciaries discovered to be secretly keeping profits or participating in insider training are found to be in violation of the duty of loyalty.

Dallas Breach of Fiduciary Duty Attorney

These are just the broad strokes as to what can constitute a breach and fiduciary duty and violations of these duties can manifest in countless different ways. No matter what your circumstances are, however, the business litigation attorneys at the Law Offices of Dan Chern, P.C. have the experience, knowledge, and resources to see your case through the best possible outcome.

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