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It's a fact of nearly every industry: successful business requires cooperation. Cooperation between employees and employers, between businesses and contractors, even between businesses and other businesses. In many cases, this cooperation is enforced via contracts. With money, livelihoods, and reputations on the line, it's important for parties to mutually ensure their cooperation with contracts. When one party fails to uphold the terms of their cooperation, however, this is considered a breach of contract and can harm the other parties in the agreement.

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Common Breach of Contract Issues

Even after a contract between business entities (or individuals) is agreed upon, it is common for circumstances to change and for the terms of a contract to be cooperatively re-evaluated. However, when one party does not deliver on their responsibilities as outlined in the contract, it can be costly to all those involved.

Common breach of contract issues can deal with:

  • Failure to provide services
  • Failure to deliver services/goods on time
  • Failure to pay for services/goods
  • Business sales, leases, and acquisitions
  • Shareholder/partnership agreements
  • Trade secrets/ non-disclosure agreements
  • Intellectual property (IP) matters

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