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Whether you’re a new or experienced business owner, you probably know just how integral your company’s legal matters are to its everyday affairs. Everything matters – from how your company is structured to its status with other business owners, investors, employees, and other entities. Whether you operate an established corporation or are on the ground floor of a new startup, you need legal protection that ensures your business’s interests are secure.

The Law Offices of Dan Chern, P.C. can provide such care for companies like yours. We offer a wide variety of legal services that can help you address your company’s most sensitive needs. Our business law attorney in Dallas, Dan Chern, has more than 20 years of experience helping both large and small companies find cost-effective legal solutions that can get the job done. If you want to learn more about how we can make a difference for your business, schedule an initial consultation to learn more.

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Our Business Law Services in Dallas

The Law Offices of Dan Chern, P.C. can address a wide variety of legal matters that any business owner can face. These are often issues that concern the legal framework of your company and its relationships with stakeholders, employees, financial institutions, and other important entities.

By entrusting these matters with our Dallas business litigation attorneys, you can rest assured that your company is protected for the future.

We can provide assistance with the following matters and more:

  • Contract drafting, review, and negotiation
  • Business formation
  • Intellectual property
  • Corporate governance
  • Risk management
  • Employment issues
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Asset protection
  • Debt collection and bankruptcy

If you see your needs described above or have another legal matter you need to address, reach out to our business law attorney in Dallas to learn more about our services. We can handle a lot more than you see listed above, so if you require a different kind of service or help with a nuanced problem, get in touch with us today!

Business Litigation Services

The Law Offices of Dan Chern, P.C. can also assist business owners who need to litigate a legal dispute. If your company is involved in a conflict with another individual or entity, our Dallas business litigation lawyers can provide the legal support you need to defend your interests.

We can represent clients who are involved in disputes concerning the following:

Cost-Effective Legal Solutions

Regardless of your company’s size, we can help you address its legal matters with comprehensive services and cost-effective solutions. Whether you are trying to protect your company against liability or defend its interests through litigation, the Law Offices of Dan Chern, P.C. can help you face down unwanted and unnecessary financial stress with a proactive and results-oriented approach.

If you want to learn more about how our business lawyer in Dallas can help you achieve your goals and protect your business, schedule a consultation today. During this meeting, you can tell us about what’s most important to you, and we can provide insight as to how we can help.

For more information regarding business law in Dallas, or to request a consultation, get in touch with us online!