Partnership Disputes in Dallas

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When two or more people join a business venture together, they have established a partnership. Some partnerships may be carefully plotted and documented, while others may be less explicit. Whatever the nature of your partnership is, it is possible disagreements may arise when it comes to the business. A written partnership agreement can help resolve these disputes, but some arguments may require extra help. Our business lawyers can help you find a method to resolve your dispute and preserve your business.

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Conflict Resolution for Business Partnerships

Often, partners in a business are looking for an amicable solution for their dispute. Protecting your business from the effects of a drawn-out dispute or even litigation is a priority for many business owners, which is why alternative dispute resolution methods may be helpful. These methods can include negotiation and mediation, which foster communication and seek to help parties discuss their side of the dispute and encourage cooperation to resolve the issue. Mediation utilizes a neutral third party to manage the discussion, ask questions, and provide legal insight. Negotiation can be simply between the two parties, but it also may involve the lawyers of each party.

Often, alternative dispute resolution methods are more flexible, less expensive, and less time-consuming than litigation. These methods also can preserve a partnership and personal relation far more easily, due to the cooperative nature of the resolution.

Business Litigation

In some cases, it isn’t possible to find a more collaborative method to resolve the dispute. In instances such as these, an experienced business litigator is a valuable resource to help you fight for your side of the dispute. If an out-of-court agreement cannot be reached, our Dallas business law attorney is prepared to represent you in court and protect your interests.

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